True Colors


Just one peek

Set me free!
It's been a really long month.
I'm out of breath, really.

You just let me know.
Is she having a happy graduation ceremony?
Is she shedding tears of joy?

Just one peek, please.
How is she doing in the future?

I sing

sing-s.gifI sing to you. Hope you hear me.
I sing out loud. Hope you feel easy.

You can do it.
The goal is there.
I look up to hold my tears.
I smile to get over my fears.
as I myself almost fall apart.

I sing out loud.
I sing with pride,
until you make it to your goal.

You can do it!

It seems like many things are happening around me lately.
Funny thing is that I am always the one to supervise them as everything works fine.
It's not easy and sometimes even tiresome but there is something worthwhile.

The hardest and the most challenging position that I've ever tried is "Mother".
It's not about being a good mother but just being a mother is tough enough.
It's too obvious we love each other and we need each other.
I feel pain as it were my own when my children are going through some hardship.
I would feel like flipping out if they succeed.

My daughter is now in the entrance examination war.
Can you imagine how hard it is? I couldn't.
When she failed in her interview test, I felt weak in the knees.
How could she get back into shape again? I was worried.
I was even scared to face her right after the anouncement.
But she came home and said very positively, "I still have chance. I can do this."
That words got me back into the right track.
Yes, she's been pushing herself really hard
and now she has this chance to show her ability.
Her hard work must pay off.
I'm glad she still has another chance for the same high school of her choice.
And I'm already thrilled to see how big and powerful she's grown.
To be honest I feel shaky as if I AM the one who takes the exam but
I believe Goddess of victory will smile at her.

Talking to myself

I've been thinking...woman124.gif


THIS is the best time of my life.

Having a husband nice and gentle,
kids smart and sweet,
juggling work and home,
You're definitely leading a happy life.

You may think if you live alone,
you would have less laundry, less dishes to wash,
your room should always be left clean with less work,
you wouldn't have to listen to others at home,
you would cook what you want to eat,
you would shop in your preference,
you would be able to watch any TV programs you want.

You should be free!!!!!
You have the place just for you.

But still THIS is the best time of your life.
"Too busy? Yeah why not?" I persuade myself.

"Life is hard."
I recall the words my grandmother used to say.

I believe..
if you have a moment that you feel your hard work pays off,
That's the happiest moment in life.

I HAVE the moment.(^_-)-☆

What would I do during spring holidays?

I was trying to keep my diary in English months ago.
But for some reason or other I couldn't write once.
Now that I am in the spring holidays,
I have more time off and I think I should polish up my English..
But again I can't make any progress.
I mean I can't find much of strength in me.

When I was busy at work, I was also busy at reading foreign books.
Dinner was even well-prepared. I somehow manage to juggle work and family.
But now everything seems to be too much of a bother.
I don't want to think about taking out the garbage, washing the dishes,
planning the menu for the day or name it.
This is not really the holidays.

You know what?
It's about time to think about lunch menu.
How pathetic I am.(;´д`)


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