True Colors


I feel somewhat shaky.

I often feel that I'm somewhat vulnerable recently.
I try to listen to what people say as I'm afraid what they would think.
I feel shaky.
I wasn't like this.
I simply did what I think is right.
If I fail, I take the responsibility.
It was that simple.
Now that I think about my weakness,
I'm not commendable to act
up to my opinions.
I realized that accepting other
point of view sometimes takes
much more courage.
Though I cherish the time
when I could say exactly
what I had in mind,
Now I find myself at a loss
being in two minds whether
it is right or wrong.

This is not at all unusual, right?
I'm trying to convince myself this could happen to everyone.
Have you ever feel like this?

Autumn Reading

img_42367_9288046_0.jpgI've been losing sleep lately.
That means my summer is over.
I get up very early in the morning.
Making a lunch for my daughter is the first thing in the morning.
Then I prepare for lessons, give lessons, and work on the Halloween Plan.
I go to bed around 12 at midnight, read English books just for a while before I fall asleep.
A lot of people work much harder than I do, I know...but it's just
4-5 hour sleep is not enough for me.
I wish to read books for hours and hours to my heart's content, but
I feel too tired to enjoy my bed time reading.
I sink into a deep sleep before I realize it so that
I always have to start with the same page again and again.

Yet I could reach 220,000 words yesterday as best I can.
I'm going to bed now and tonight for sure I will enjoy longer reading.(^ー^* )フフ♪



今回は、頭の整理を兼ねて「~not one's・・・」の表現を集めてみました。

He's not my type.(私のタイプじゃないわ。)というのがありますね。
このnot one's~の表現、結構おもしろいんです。

It's not my bag.
It's not in my line.
It's not my department.
I'm not one for speeches.(スピーチは得意じゃない。)もあるし、
もちろん、I'm not good at making speeches.としてもいいですね。

It's not my cup of tea.
It's not my idea of good time.
It's not my taste.


It's beyond my imaginings. (想像を超えている)
It's beyond my control. (私にはどうすることもできない)
He is beyond my understanding. (彼は理解を超えている)
What you're doing is beyond my mind. (あなたのやっていることは理解できない)
It's beyond my purse. (高すぎて買えない)

She is beyond my reachで高嶺の花・・・なんていうのもあったような・・・。

あともう少し / Just One More Push

I'm almost there...just one more push and
I'll have some rest.
Though I'm just going to catch my breath,
I can hardly wait.
It's been harder than you think.

If there were no shade of trees in sight right there,
I might have collapsed.

If you were a robot and programmed
just to be a good listener,
I might have got to talking right out.

I'm just talking to myself.
If I could get to the shade of trees somehow,
I wouldn't think twice like this anymore.





We need music.

Do you like music?
Basically I like being in a quiet room; no music, no TV and no phone call.
but sometimes music helps me to pull myself together.

I sometimes dance with music.
It could be kind of awkward to do it alone at home.
But who knows?

I sometimes sing out loud with music while cooking in the kitchen.
My children might want me to stop.
But they got used to it somehow and they even sing and dance sometimes.

Yes. We are kind of strange.(;‾∇‾)ハッハッハ



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