True Colors


October 2004

Thanks to the sun/お日様に感謝

How nice to bask in the sun.
It warms up my tension.
I feel as if this time is just mine.
Please don't bother me....
Please don't even talk to me.
I'm not going anywhere.rabbit.gif


Something Unusual

I sometimes feel like going to the book store at night.woman115.gif
That is something a little out of the ordinary.
You'll feel different air, see different people, and
come across a lucky find there.
Then I go a little further to the second hand store
for CDs & DVDs to see
if they have any good burgains.
I always expect to find something near to my heart.
Anything like old movies, musics and comics which
take me back to the old days.
If I bang into someone I know, I would feel pressed
as if I was found in snitching food.

The Lion's Spirit

Lion.gifI sometimes imagine how
I would feel if I were a lion
trying to encourage myself
when I feel insecure.
I close my eyes and daydream
about me being a lionesque figure.
I stand erect with my chin up
on the top of a cliff.
I'm not too confident
but I am just born to be a lion.
I have to bear burdens
for my family prosperity
but keep it under my mane.
I feel like running away from reality
somewhere in my heart,
but I know this is the right thing.
This is the way I chose.
I roar heavenwards to
get psyched up as ever!


Living without TV

woman39.gifRecently our TV set is cranky.
The screen fades out while watching.
So I spank it from the side or lift it just a little.
And it works! The screen fades in again.
But as it happens once in a minute
in some very extreme cases,
I have to keep on wrestling with the big monster.
And it finishes up dead and no matter how hard
I hit it there's no answer.

It is very inconvenient, of course,
but it might not be such a bad thing.
You know, it is no doubt that
TV is indispensable in any household.
You might feel even uneasy if it is not there.
But under the circumstances, there's no choice.
We're forced to live without it.
And simply I noticed that doesn't count very much.
It is nice, actually! Everyday life becomes so pieceful
without the frills that I can live to some purpose.

I know we will get the new one in the future but
I should pursade myself that I don't really need this.

I think about myself.

Do you know what gets me?woman14.gif
Thinking I might hurt someone with my words,
I feel like running away.
I must take care what I say. I must...
Because I myself get hurt with what others say.
There's nothing more scary than casual words.
You don't even notice that
somebody is hurt with your words.
This could happen to everyone.
I think about myself.
I have a long road to travel.落ち込み
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