True Colors


December 2004

I won't forget 2004

Everything is going pretty well these days.
When I try to look back this year I see a lot of changes.
Starting my web site was the biggest change to me.
I feel connected to the huge world through this small monitor.
I've wrote over 100 poems and illustartions in my page and
I got to know other English teachers through Internet.
And above all, I could get to know me myself much better
by expressing what I think with my own words. This is what I need now.
I'd like to thank you everybody who supported me both openly and secretly.

My New Years' resolution?
I just keep going!

Thank you, my friends.

woman68.gifMerry Christmas my friends.
Thank you for your heart-worming words.
Thank you for your tenderness.
Thank you for cheering me up always.
Thank you for giving me some space sometimes.
And thank you very much for loving my family so much.
I love you, too.

When Christmas comes,
My heart comes to jump smooth.
And I feel certain that I am here
because you are here.

Merry Christmas, my friends.

When winter comes...

woman9.gifWhen I open the front door in the morning,
I take one deep breath through my nose
and feel the cold air in my body.
It goes right down to my heart and then
spread over my entire body in waves.
In my nose the feeling like smelling mint
wakes up my senses.
Oh I like winter.


Winter these days...

When I was younger I couldn't stand the cold.
I couldn't.
I even needed socks in bed during winter season.
But now winter is such a coward.
I don't really feel the cold these days.
Is it just because of this warm temparature trend?
It definitely one of the reasons but it's not only that.
I can feel the change in me.
I haven't been surfuring from
the bad blood circulation for years.
This is really nice to know that
you could alter the body's chemistry.
I just want to know how I did.

"The Story of US"

I sometimes wonder how a marriage is supposed to be.
Do you know the movie called "The Story of US"?
It is about a couple struggling about things that are imcompatible
with each other. They wonder how long they've been feeling this cobweb
and why they've changed like this, you know...
Nobody has two lives so that people come to compare their lives to the others'.
It's just because the grass is always greener on the other side.
Think of yourselves as friends.
It's not to be desappointed but to be expected that you two fall out of love.
If you're puzzled which way to go concerning about your relationship,
Please watch this movie.
If you cry, you would see what you have between you and your husband.


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