True Colors


December 2004

Only sometimes...

I feel like going out for a drink, my friend!
I need a drink, really...
You know what?
I don't know who to be with.
It's not that I don't have anyone,
but you know...I need to take courage
to lean on someone.
Because everybody has something
on his or her back as I do. I know that.
Honestly, I want you to listen to my everyday life.

My New Buddy! - LC Television -

Hey! Guess what!
I've got a new TV set, a liquid crystal one.
Wow! it's almost like Santa is coming to my place, you know.It's a miracle, here.
When you watch it, you'd feel like you're know, in the monitor.
You could feel the height and depth exactly. For example, if you watch an image of being in a huge historic landmark, you'd see the bottmless ceiling above and interminable hall way ahead, just like being there.

And the first program I saw was one of the digital BS programs, "Seiko's count down live concert in 2003" which was so great.I was almost there, you know. When you watch it with 5.1 channel, I was near to tears with emotion.
I could hear LC TV talking to me, "Welcome to our new world!"


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