True Colors


November 2005

This is the season for "Ally"

Today I turned on the heater for the first time this season.
Winter is right around the corner.
You'd rather have a sip of wine than a jug of beer, soup rather than salad, and
You can't skip a hot relaxing bath at the end of the day.

I've been watching "Ally McBeal" lately...again...yeah...
You know....this is the season for Ally.

♪I really need someone to talk to, and nobody else knows how to comfort me tonight.
Snow is cold, rain is wet. Chill my soul right to the marrow.♪
- Ally McBealより♪Home Again -

I like this loneliness and her way of life which is inimitable to me.
I'm intoxicated by the lonesome heart.
I live different but in some way I think I'm seeing myself through Ally.
(I'm not that weird though..)

On Such a Cold Day / こんな寒い日は・・・

The whole town turns grey on such a cold day.
I simply blend in with this chilly air.
Your pink heart gives the warm touch to the monotonous town.
You radiate your heat of your body and feel your heart beat.

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