I've been thinking...woman124.gif


THIS is the best time of my life.

Having a husband nice and gentle,
kids smart and sweet,
juggling work and home,
You're definitely leading a happy life.

You may think if you live alone,
you would have less laundry, less dishes to wash,
your room should always be left clean with less work,
you wouldn't have to listen to others at home,
you would cook what you want to eat,
you would shop in your preference,
you would be able to watch any TV programs you want.

You should be free!!!!!
You have the place just for you.

But still THIS is the best time of your life.
"Too busy? Yeah why not?" I persuade myself.

"Life is hard."
I recall the words my grandmother used to say.

I believe..
if you have a moment that you feel your hard work pays off,
That's the happiest moment in life.

I HAVE the moment.(^_-)-☆