Spring has come!
Everything looks different.
Gray turns vivid orange.
Orange turns gold!o(~竏�~*o)(o*~竏�~)o

I was shaking on that day holding a camera in my left hand and
my cell phone in my right hand.
It was the day for the anouncement of her entrance examination result.
I was attending my younger daughter's song festival then.
I couldn't miss the festival because she was playing the piano as an accompanist.
I tried to vidotape it but I couldn't get her picture well.
You know...I was shaking.
It wasn't my cell phone that vibrated but me!^^;
It vibrated when the next song was just about to start.
"I xxxx it!"
"What?" I couldn't get the sentence.
My voice must have carried to the whole place.^^;
"I DID IT!!!!!!!" She said it again.
Now I knew...She did it!

A week has passed.
All our neighbors, relatives and friends have congratulated her.
We want to thank all of you for your warm support.
And you know what?
My younger daughter has just recieved her EIKEN result.
She passed the pre-second grade at last!!!