It is not the money I'm talking about.
This is about remodeling our house.
We're living without the kitchen now.
We survived without the bath and the washing stand last week.
And now and then the lifeline such as electricity, gas and water system goes down too.


My husband is out for work. Children are also busy at school.
So practically I am the only one to deal with this harsh situation.
You can't just sit and watch but you always sort things out
which to throw away and which to save.
We've been living in this house over 13 years.
Things that We needed is no longer valuable to us.
I was almost shocked to see that we'd racked up such a huge amount of craps.
I went ahead and threw everything away.
It was such a nice feeling.
I also have to dust out the whole house in this hot weather.
I lost 2 kilos in 1 week, which is a good thing.(^ー^* )フフ♪

I couldn't imagine that I would come through this hot survival 4 weeks.
But now we have a new washing bowl and a new bathroom.
We can see everything's changing dramatically.
We still have 9 days to go but we see the goal now.
I will pull myself together by some means and put everything back in places.

This will sure be an unforgetable summer.

p(^(エ)^q=p^(エ)^)q ガンバッ♪