Do you know "YOUNG AMERICANS"?
It is a nonprofit group of, as its name suggests, young Americans,
mostly University students.
They give children a singing and dancing workshop in Japan every year.
300 kids from 6 to 18 years old get together and develop their self-expression
through singing and dancing intensively for 3 days
and give us a musical show with YA members on the last day.
When I watched the show last year, I was totally blown away.
I couldn't believe they had worked only for 3 days.
All the participants were so vivid, active and full of confidence.

As it is said that we Japanese are not very good at expressing ourselves,
I think this program has a significant impact on the kids' later life.

This year I put my daughters in it.
I can say that it changed their life.
They loved the program.
They are not good at singing nor dancing but that wasn't a problem.
They naturally moved their body with music and were never shy to show it.
"I can't wait for the next workshop."
Their eyes were twinkling like stars.