woman39.gifRecently our TV set is cranky.
The screen fades out while watching.
So I spank it from the side or lift it just a little.
And it works! The screen fades in again.
But as it happens once in a minute
in some very extreme cases,
I have to keep on wrestling with the big monster.
And it finishes up dead and no matter how hard
I hit it there's no answer.

It is very inconvenient, of course,
but it might not be such a bad thing.
You know, it is no doubt that
TV is indispensable in any household.
You might feel even uneasy if it is not there.
But under the circumstances, there's no choice.
We're forced to live without it.
And simply I noticed that doesn't count very much.
It is nice, actually! Everyday life becomes so pieceful
without the frills that I can live to some purpose.

I know we will get the new one in the future but
I should pursade myself that I don't really need this.