img_42367_9288046_0.jpgI've been losing sleep lately.
That means my summer is over.
I get up very early in the morning.
Making a lunch for my daughter is the first thing in the morning.
Then I prepare for lessons, give lessons, and work on the Halloween Plan.
I go to bed around 12 at midnight, read English books just for a while before I fall asleep.
A lot of people work much harder than I do, I know...but it's just
4-5 hour sleep is not enough for me.
I wish to read books for hours and hours to my heart's content, but
I feel too tired to enjoy my bed time reading.
I sink into a deep sleep before I realize it so that
I always have to start with the same page again and again.

Yet I could reach 220,000 words yesterday as best I can.
I'm going to bed now and tonight for sure I will enjoy longer reading.(^ー^* )フフ♪