I was shocked into silence last night.
Rafa (Rafael Nadal) the king of clay, who is the present world No1
and the defending champion, has lost on clay.
He couldn't even reach the quarter final.

This was his first loss at Roland Garros, Paris, in four years
since he won his first Grand Slam on his first French Open four years ago.
"You need a defeat to give value to your victories." he said.
He is such a great player. I feel for him.

Good thing is that his unexpected loss gave Roger a chance to win the title.
He has won 13 Grand Slams but never won this one.
But it's not an easy task. Anything could happen on this clay court.

Murray, the world No. four, for example, is still there.
He's been keeping up his strength and he looks very confident when he plays.

But Roger・・・ he knows how to win in the big occasions like this.
The both player will meet at the final if they win a couple of more matches.

We'll see.
Go Roger!
I'm with you!

Rafa's Astonishing Roland Garros Run Comes To A Close