Yes, I do.
My daughter and her best friend are in a very happy relationship.
They graduated from the same kindergarten, the same elementary school
and also the same junior high school, and believe it or not,
they are going to the same high school from this April.

The most challenging attempt they've ever had was
to pass the entrance exam for the high school of their choice.

They've been pushing themselves so hard together sharing joy and easing up pain.
Sometimes they give pressure to each other, and sometimes
they raise their levels by supporting each other.
It wasn't easy for me to keep backing her up all year long,
expecially in hard times because I was so scared thinking
what if one of them failed.
It could ruin their friendship. I knew both of them were very smart
and hard workers so I really hoped that they would get what they deserved.

On the day of the announcement, my daughter was handed an envelope first,
then her friend was the next. They peered cautiously into it,
pulled a sheep of paper very slowly out of it, checked what it said,
relieved but anxious about the other side, looked at each other,
nodded, smiled, and hugged with joy.

The first word my daughter said to her friend was
"Will you marry me?", and she answered, "Yes" in an instant.
They are not married, of course, but they were so happy
as if they were getting married.