It was 10:00 at night.
I was left alone in the office at a loss.
You know…I had to clean up my own mess.
How long had it been? 3 hours? Maybe more.
Almost dozing off, I sensed something weird.
I didn’t like the feeling I was getting.
Not hearing a thing except the sound of falling rain,
I sensed a guy right behind me.
I just knew he was there.
Facing the computer frightened, I could even feel him move in my back.
I wondered if somebody would ever notice us
when it was raining so hard outside the window.
It was just one of those situations
which you might find in the first chapter of a mystery story.

“All right, this is nothing. I’ve been working too hard. That’s all”

Convincing myself, I gathered up my courage to turn around and face him.
I counted to three in my head to stroke the engine.


I turned around.

I saw nothing scary. Everything looked familiar to me.
The place was totally deserted except myself.
Just the light of my computer comforted me.

“Whew… What was wrong with me?” I sighed.

Feeling relieved, I stood up and stretched out.
Just then, the phone rang on my desk.
I almost jumped.

Turning back toward the phone, I reached for it and picked it up.

The voice was not coming from the phone but from behind…

{{{{( ▽|||)}}}}